As a kid, I always wanted to find something cool. But with all of the adventures I went on, all of the hunts, I never turned up anything that could be considered a legitimate treasure.

These people were lucky enough to find some truly cool stuff, though, and one of the best things about the internet is we get to live vicariously through them – so keep scrolling and check out these lucky people living their best lives.

I refuse to believe this is a banana.

It’s big enough to be a squash!

Feels like a small little bonus.

Use them to make your own at home!

Everyone knows those are the best part.

This takes Lucky Charms to a whole new level.

If these were Skittles I would be big mad.

But with M&Ms you just kind of feel lucky.

It makes you feel just a bit special.

Who doesn’t love an extra fruit rollup?

How on earth???

I honestly don’t even know how this is possible.

Image Credit: Valan

A double fortune…

This could be good or bad depending on what it says, honestly.

A massive stroke of luck.

I would feel like I owed the universe something.

I think someone at Popeyes has a crush on you…

I’m impressed they could get their mouths around that.

I would be so thrilled to turn up any of these treasures. Fingers’ crossed that someday I might be posting myself!

Do you consider yourself lucky? What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever found? Tell us about it in the comments!