These Moms Had a Photoshoot for Their 23 Years of Friendship – Complete with Beer and Chicken Wings

©Facebook,Easy Breezy Photography

Everyone is trying to come up with a creative photoshoot these days, whether it’s for a wedding, a baby shower, a gender reveal party, or just two old friends celebrating their history together.

That’s what Samantha and Christina, two friends from South Carolina, did to celebrate their 23rd anniversary of being BFFs. We’re going all the way back to 1996, y’all. The two met in kindergarten and also grew up next door to each other. And they’ve been friends ever since… with a love for cheap beer and spicy chicken wings!

Christina said,

“From riding our bikes through the neighborhood, to staying up all night during our many sleepovers in our homemade tents, and all the way down to us learning to drive and both having babies, we’ve been with each other through it all!”

Let’s take a look at these pics, shot by Easy Breezy Photography.

1. Best Friends Forever.

2. There’s the good stuff.

3. Isn’t that a nice gesture?

4. Cheers…with wings.

5. To the good old days.

6. Time to shotgun beers!

7. That’s what true friendship looks like.

8. We need more of these photoshoots.

9. Break out the silly string!

I love this! I have a feeling that if my best friend and I did this, it would be with chicken wings and beer as well.

Cheers to good friends! And three cheers to amazing friends!

Alright, so now it’s YOUR time to share. Do you have a bestie that these two remind you of? Want to give them a shout out?

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