These People Are Explaining the “Opposite” of Their Job and It’s Pretty Darn Funny

Image Credit: Pixabay

Could you explain the opposite of your job? It’s harder than you think – I would be an eraser or an…unteller of stories?

I don’t like the sound of that.

Good thing these 15 people are way funnier than me!

#15. This sounds fun.

“I encourage people to fight and forceably drag them INTO bars.”

#14. Sounds like a b-movie plot.

“i…put blood back in people because they know the blood isn’t too good?”

#13. I’m not sure whether this is better or worse.

“I make adults dumber while their children beg me for anything they can do to help out, all for six figures.”

#12. Where can I apply?

“I now just buy stuff.”

#11. If you could pick and choose…

“Take people’s English speaking ability away.”

#10. Bugs everywhere.

“fixing bugs and thereby creating new bugs. still the same”

#9. Baller.

“I would kick people out of hotels and be very rude to them.”

#8. Ick.

“Whenever someone comes and gets a table, I will proceed to fill the table with empty drinks, dirty plates, and used napkins.”

#7. A dirty job.

“I now push children into traffic.

I’m a School crossing patrol officer.”

#6. Nightmare!

“I’m an anti-vaxxer

(Current Research Assist)”

#5. Yikes.

“Try and kill people with drugs. Yikes.”

#4. Hello, Newman.

“I now ship the correct freight undamaged and in time to the customers.”

#3. The horror.

“I… I’m the user… Nooooooooo.”

#2. Mr. Trump?

“Fire people.”

#1. I mean…

“Take people out of the world. I could get around this career change”

Try it – it’s fun!