15 People Share Their Self-Deprecating Jokes


Sometimes, you gotta take one for the team, as the saying goes.

And by that, I mean you have to make fun of yourself sometimes to get a good round of laughs. Maybe even humiliate yourself.

That’s exactly what these people did.

And we thank them…

1. Not that it’s benefiting me, exactly…

2. Go ahead and stop.

Highly relatable
byu/DeadxStrawberry insuicidebywords

3. Not at all.

4. Me, too!

5. That about does it.


6. Here, here!

This suicide haunts me
byu/DarthFigMullet insuicidebywords

7. Just slowly fade away…

8. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

9. Just take a look.

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10. Let’s dumb it down.

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11. Not exactly thriving.

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12. Already living it.

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13. No chance of being found there.

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14. No messages to speak of.

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15. Photographic memory.

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Put yourself down once in a while. In a fun way, I mean!

It’s good for you!