These Perfect Pictures Show Two Sisters who Could not be More Different


People sometimes assume that, just because you’re related to someone, you must have things in common – maybe even lots of things, or most things.

Detroit sisters Alexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant would dispute that fact, though, and they’ve got the pictures (and the likes – 468,000 and counting) to prove it.

Twitter stopped and took notice when Alexandria uploaded photos that showed just how opposite she and her sister’s senses of style and design are, not to mention their appearance.

Image Credit: Twitter

Alexandria appears serious, with dark hair and an affinity for clothes that match, while her sister, Jessica, has a bright smile, rainbow-colored hair, and prefers light patterns.

Image Credit: Twitter

Yeah, these are very different homes…

Image Credit: Twitter

It’s adorable and interesting and picture proof that having the same parents can be where the similarities end for some siblings.

Love these!

And not only is that just fine – as is the opposite, if it’s the case – but it doesn’t mean there’s any less love to go around!

As long as there’s a bunch of love, everything will turn our just fine!