These Photos Show How Terrifying It Was to Be Trapped on the Viking Sky Cruise Ship


If you’ve paid attention to the news over the past few days, you’ve no doubt seen the harrowing photos and videos from inside the Viking Sky cruise ship that got mired off the coast of Norway.

The ship lost three of its four engines when it sailed into the path of a “bomb cyclone.” 1,300 unlucky passengers were stranded on board the vessel.

Passengers aboard the ship shared photos and videos from inside the ship to show the world their terrifying ordeal.

The passengers and crew got an extremely bumpy ride and things started falling off shelves and glass was breaking.

And water came rushing in to the ship.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Take a look at this video that shows how uncomfortable the ride became.

Looks terrifying.

Panels fell from the ceiling and hit passengers in the head.

And all everyone could do was wait to be evacuated and sleep with their life vests on.

Crew members posted some photos of the damage.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook

Some passengers were airlifted off the cruise ship. Take a look at violent the ocean was.

But the rescue did not come quickly.

Nevertheless, passengers praised the hard work of the crew.

Finally, the boat was pulled into a port by tugboats, ending the scary situation.

The passengers were overjoyed to be in port safely. Check out the guy in his robe on the second balcony. Cool as a cucumber.

A nice ending to a scary ordeal.