These Polar Opposite Sisters Deserve Their Own Reality TV Show

Photo Credit: Twitter

Hey, um, Netflix? If you guys need a new idea for a reality show, I have the perfect idea: Two sisters with completely opposite personal styles went viral on Twitter recently, and they are absolutely fascinating!

10/10 would follow their lives on TV.

Alexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant are two sisters who live in Detroit. Jessica is very colorful, while Alexandria is very…not.

Alexandria posted photos on Twitter to show their differences. Not only are their outfits and hairstyles very different, but their homes are, too. Jessica’s house literally has a rainbow fence and a unicorn pool float. Alexandria’s house has a doormat that says “GO AWAY.”

After the initial tweet got traction, Alexandria blessed us with even more photos of her and Jessica. Here they are at Disneyland and such.

And look at the contrast between their two living rooms! Seriously, I’m obsessed. And so is everyone else.

“Is this on Netflix or Hulu?” one person replied.

“It seems like something that’d be on Hulu Originals lol,” another user wrote.

A little more about this pair, for the execs at Netflix and Hulu: Alexandria is a self-taught makeup artist, sculptor, painter, and illustrator, while Jessica is a yoga teacher and henna artist. They both also work at an adult foster care home for the mentally ill.

The two sisters are eight years apart, so they developed different interests and, eventually, wildly different aesthetics. They certainly never expected themselves to become internet sensations.

Alexandria explained how the tweet came about to BuzzFeed: “I was watching my nieces in Jessica’s yard today and I took a photo of her fence and decided to post it! The most surprising things go viral β€” I’ll never understand!”

But the fascination here is pretty easy to understand, honestly.