Right before Memorial Day, the U.S. Army sent out a tweet asking Americans who have served in the military how it affected their lives.

The responses poured in, but many of them were not glowing reviews the Army’s social media person perhaps expected – the veterans who replied did not sugarcoat how their experiences traumatized them.

The replies from veterans and their family members are heartbreaking; they’ll make you appreciate the sacrifice these people have made and remember why we should support veterans every day of the year.

1. Sad but true

2. Don’t tell

3. Dad

4. Barred


6. Awful

7. Sleepless nights

8. For the dead

9. Mom

10. Vietnam

11. Gone

12. Paranoia

13. Missing

14. More help is needed

15. Uncle

After seeing the responses, the Army sent these tweets out.

And the Army also tweeted these resources for veterans who need help.

CLICK HERE to link to the Veterans Crisis Line.