These Ridiculous Knockoff Brands Are Sure to Make You LOL

It’s knockoff brand time again!

I knew you’d be as excited as I am!

Because these imitation brands of big-name products provide a stream of never ending laughs.

You love them. I love them. WE ALL LOVE THEM.

Let’s take a look at some that are pretty hilarious, shall we? Start now!

1. That title seems a little bit familiar for some reason…

I just can’t put my finger on it…

coming to your nearest bookstore from crappyoffbrands

2. Break me off a piece of that Kat Kot bar!

I wonder how they actually taste…

I love these from crappyoffbrands

3. Otherwise known as “Tom and Jerry.”

“Cat and Rat” has a nice ring to it, though…

Cat and Rat..,.. from crappyoffbrands

4. Play the game that families just love!

And you get to yell out “UM” when you win!

U M from crappyoffbrands

5. Sounds a little bit like “Wednesday Addams.”

Am I right about this one?

Thank you, clearance aisle from crappyoffbrands

6. I feel like I just stepped onto a movie set!

It’s like Hollywood has come to life!

Two for the price of one! from crappyoffbrands

7. China excels at this kind of stuff.

Peppa Pig is literally everywhere!

Crappy or genius? from crappyoffbrands

8. Your wish did not exactly come true, did it?

Well, better luck next time.

Ordered a Pickle Rick pipe off Wish.com… from crappyoffbrands

9. That’s a good company.

Keep an eye on them, they’re on the rise.

Aggle protduc from crappyoffbrands

10. This all looks very familiar…

To a certain TV show that I’ve seen before…

Biohazard Boy from crappyoffbrands

11. Dr. Perky! I love it!

Give it a shot! You might like it!

Well alright from crappyoffbrands

12. Batman had one too many drinks.

Well, now he’s totally useless…

Batman from Infinity War from crappyoffbrands

13. I wonder what this character’s name is…

Leo the Lion?

Totally not r/funny from crappyoffbrands

Those are great!

And now we want to hear from you.

What do you think is the best knockoff brand that you’ve ever seen?

Share some photos with us in the comments. Thanks!