These Simple Back-to-School Tips Will Get Teachers Cheering

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Are you a teacher or know someone who is? With everyone back to school, here are a few teacher life hacks to help you get through the year!

10. A wireless doorbell can silence a class and save your voice.

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This little pink doorbell from @amazon brings me so much happiness!! This baby plugs right into the wall, has several different tones, and a range of volume settings. I plan to use this bad boy to make center transitioning easy peasy ??#teachersofinstagram #iteachfirst #iteachthird #iteachsped #amazonprime #doorbell #teacherhacks

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9. This pillowcase hack will keep your room organized.

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I was running around school today and popped my head in my co-worker’s room and witnessed this GENUIS #teacherhack! Need to get kiddos items off the floor for the fraction of the price of company made chair packs? PILLOW CASES WILL SOLVE ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS! My co-worker purchased these from Walmart and slid them in the chairs ?!! I will be stealing this idea FOR SURE! ???? . . #teacherhacks #middleschool #iteach6

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8. Keep your tissue boxes from walking away.

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What’s the best way to show you the most amazing teacher hack ever? With an animated version of how it works, of course! . . Are you tired of the tissue box going missing? Are you concerned about all the germs on the box? If you are, go snag yourself one of these bad boys! . . I bought my under the counter thingy at Walmart, trimmed the grate to fit where the entire tissue comes out. Shake the box up really good so the tissues loosen up inside and they come out easier. Hang it in a convenient spot and you’re good to go! If you need a tutorial of how I did mine, go check out my highlight story “Tissue Box Hanging Thingy Hack” . . . #teachovertherainbow #texas #iteachintexas #texasteachersofinstagram #teachintheheartoftexas #texasteachertribe #texasteachers #4thgradeteacher #4thgrade #iteach4th #libertyelementary #LISD #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #tftpickme #iteachtoo #teacherlife #teachersofig #teachergram #teachermom #teachersofinsta #teacherlove #allthingsrainbow #classroompinspirations

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7. This glue hack will save teachers money while keeping craft time neat and tidy.

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Liquid glue gives me just a bit of anxiety until they get the hang of #adotnotalot which we all know sometimes takes alllllll year. #gamechanger here!!!! ???????? #amazon sells empty dauber bottles that you can fill with liquid #glue ? and it puts down the perfect amount! And how fun is it to daub/stamp your glue?? ??

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6. Keep your students focused on reading with these easy-to-make reading strips.

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DIY READING STRIPS ? I love using reading strips with my students who struggle to maintain focus while reading. To make these, I used left over laminating strips and highlighter tape that I found in the @targetsdollarspot ? SO easy and inexpensive to make!

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5. Salt shakers are a great tool to keep glitter organized (if not totally contained).

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We’re in the midst of ‘glitter season’ and I’m pulling out all the stops for our winter crafting. ? Thank you @target for always having the B E S T glitter in your dollar spot! Teacher Tip: Store glitter in salt shakers for easy use and storage. . . . . #teacher #teachers #teachersofig #teachersofinstagram #classroompinspirations #teachersfollowteachers #teachertip #targetdollarspot #targetteachers #givemealltheglitter <—?

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4. A closet shoe organizer can hold almost anything.

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@asmilingteacher has the PERFECT setup for headphone storage. She uses a hanging shoe rack! #teacherhack

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3. With the help of a few household items, you can create a fun word game.

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What a genius idea by @learnlovegrow ? CVC fun! #teachers #teachersofinstagram #teachershare #teacherhacks #earlyyearsfun #earlyyearsideas #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofigau

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2. Eliminate lost pencils by having your students place them in personalized toothbrush cases.

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BEST investment EVER! I bought each of my students a toothbrush travel case and put their name on it and gave each student 5 pencils inside(one pencil for each day of the week). • I collect these cases EVERY Friday and sharpen their pencils! I replace the 5 pencils every month. This has helped with class interruption to sharpen pencils as well as with responsibility, since they are responsible for their own pencils! • I purchased the toothbrush travel cases from #target and used an #epson label maker to label each travel case with the students names! #TheBrightSunflower #teachersofinstagram #TargetTeachers #earlycorelearning

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1. And lastly, teachers. Set an alarm and remember to leave work at a decent time. You need your rest!

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Before the year starts and you let school consume you, @truelifeimateacher has a tip for you. Set an alarm to tell yourself to GO HOME! ⏰ your to-do list will never be finished, and you could easily lose track of time, and before you know it, it’s dark and you’re the only one in the building. #teacherhacks #teachertips #teacherhack teachertip #firstyearteacher

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You got this teachers – we’re rooting for you!