These Simple Food Hacks Are Genius and Everybody Should Know

Not so confident with your cooking skills? But still hoping to impress that special someone with a home cooked meal? I feel you.

Some days I really want to gift my friends with a tasty dish, or even just prove to the world of Instagram that I’m cooking-savvy. But I can’t afford to spend a bunch of money on cool appliances right now!

Luckily, these Reddit users are here for us, happy to share 10 food hacks that everybody should know.

1. I really want to try this one:

Just another reason why it pays off to keep a bottle of wine on hand.

New to the sub, so sorry if this has been done before. But the bottom of J.Lohr(as well as any similar shaped wine bottle) makes a great press for homemade ravioli. from foodhacks

2. Brilliant!

An easy way to step up your breakfast game.

Mason Jar lid ring to make my egg round for my breakfast sandwich! Totally works. from foodhacks

3. Even better:

And then you can eat the onion ring too!

Cook your eggs in onion rings, for a perfectly shaped fried egg ready to go in a sandwich. (X-post r/CookingForBeginners) from foodhacks

4. Ron Swanson would approve:

My new favorite craft: bacon-weaving.

Weave your bacon like a basket while it’s raw. When it’s done cooking you can plop it right on your sandwich. from foodhacks

5. It’s like a food diaper:

Tasty and practical.

Wrap a piece of lettuce around one side of your sandwich/burger to keep the goods from falling out the other side. from lifehacks

6. You do know how to use chopsticks, right?

Of not, this is the perfect time to learn.

Cheeto dust fingers prevention // Say goodbye to orange and red fingers – use chopsticks from foodhacks

7. The most dad-like thing I’ve ever seen:

Because isn’t the grill basically his second child?

My husband is using our baby monitor to keep an eye on the temperature of his smoker while he works. from foodhacks

8. I love this:

But I don’t know if I could ever eat that many Tic Tacs.

Use old Tic Tac Dispenser to store Spices from foodhacks

9. Super cute!

Any excuse to add more pepperoni checks out in my book.

Place pepperoni over bagel holes when making homemade pizza bagels. Cheese won’t melt and stick to the pan, gives toppings more surface area. from foodhacks

That last one! WHY have I never thought of that before? And the meat-weaving technique?! There will definitely be some bacon-weaving in my future.

With all of these techniques combined, I’ll be able to create the greatest breakfast bagel sandwich of all time!

Do you have a special food hack that serves you well? Let us know in the comments!