These Simple To Understand Comics Illustrate Social Distancing And The Spread Of Coronaviruses

Image Credit: Instagram

There’s a ton of information out there on how we can all help stop the spread of coronavirus, why it’s important to do our part, and what could happen if people choose to simply go about their business and usual.

Like, a sh*t ton. It’s overwhelming, some of it is hard to decipher (because we’re not all scientists) and also, it can be hard to tell which ones are the most applicable to us personally, and why we should care.

Enter artist Wei Man Kow, who writes comicsforgood.com.


She was sick and researching the illness a few weeks ago, and found that many of the informative articles on COVID-19 were hard to digest. So, she does what every good artist tries to do – she used her talents to disseminate the particulars to the public.

I mean it. The illustrations she’s come up with would even help children grasp what’s going on, and she also adapted it into a handy, downloadable infographic.

You can keep it in your purse, you can print it poster-sized and hang it on your wall.


She’s also translated it into multiple languages, and urges you to email her at comicsforgood@gmail.com if you need help translating it into another language.

One of my favorite things about this whole pandemic situation (okay, my only favorite thing, but silver linings are hard to come by) is the people who are coming together, using their talents to make things easier, and simply showing the rest of us how to be better human beings.


It’s not easy to be a good neighbor in the best of times, but in times like these, lifting other people up is going to be the best and only way to get through unscathed.

I hope this infocomic helped you with your own understanding, and stay healthy out there, my friends.