These “Southern” Versions of the Zodiac Signs Are Pretty Darn Accurate

It’s A Southern Thing

Even people who acknowledge that zodiac signs and the personality traits connected to them aren’t exactly science often enjoy reading about themselves, all the same. It’s fun, it’s frivolous, and who on earth couldn’t use a dose of one or both these days?

Figuring that she’d landed on something most people enjoy, Liz Dial, a social media specialist with Red Clay Media’s brand It’s a Southern Thing, created a series of illustrations totally nailing what the Zodiac calendar would look like if the signs had been designed by a southerner.

They’re pretty much perfect. Go on and see for yourself.

Aries = Cicada & Taurus = Bullfrog

Gemini = Coyote & Cancer = Possum

Leo = Black Bear & Virgo = Armadillo

Libra = Lightning Bug & Scorpio = Cotton Mouth

Saggitarius = Gator & Capricorn = Crawfish

Aquarius = White-tailed Deer & Pisces = Catfish

You can follow Liz’s other genius posts at southernthing.com or their Instagram page.