These Things Are Pretty Much Considered “D*ck Moves” by Everyone out There

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Okay, friends, it’s time to talk about something that I think we can all agree is pretty infuriating: things that are considered “dick moves” all the way across the board.

No matter what country you’re in or who you’re hanging out with, some things are just huge no-nos and are considered universal dick moves.

It’s as simple as that.

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Well, that’s a little extreme.

“When someone cuts in line.

I once saw a guy get stabbed for cutting in line at a taco stand. No joke, it was some wild shit.

People would commonly cut in line at this place. I always said one day someone’s going to do something about it…”

2. Canceled plans.

“Making plans with someone and then telling them you can’t make it 30 minutes after the agreed upon time.”

3. A big NO-NO.

“Hitting on your friends romantic partners.

In high school, my BFF was dating this drugged up loser. I didn’t like him very much mostly because he smelled so bad I couldn’t be around him without getting sick. She all of a sudden got really pissed at me for something and I couldn’t figure out why.

Turns out he told her that I was making moves on him and tried to have sex with him.

I was a virgin at the time and a total prude and my BFF knew that, but she believed him for some reason. WTF, friend.”

4. Not cool.

“Blocking a door way or a path so someone has to try squeeze past, it’s not a power move it just makes them look like a dick.”

5. The parking lot blues.

“You have your turn signal on in a crowded parking lot, indicating that you’re about to take an open parking space.

But before you can pull in, a driver coming in the opposite direction (without blinkers on) pulls in ahead of you – denying you the space and aggressively taking it for himself.”

6. We need to talk…

“Breaking up with someone right after having sex with them.”

7. One uppers.

“I’m not sure the word for it, but doing that thing where people always invalidate your feelings by one upping with their own… Like:

“You think your job is stressfull? Try having my job.”

“Your proud of something your kid did today? My kid did something even better last year.”

“You’re not feeling well? Well I’ve been sick for weeks and haven’t taken a single day off. .””

8. Lazy!

“Leaving a shopping cart in a parking space.

Especially when the shopping cart thing (I honestly don’t know what it’s called) is right there. You people couldn’t walk an extra few feet?”

9. Drives me insane.

“Taking up two parking spaces.

I mean, come on dude.”

10. What do you want this time?

“When people only come around or hit you up when they need something.

And don’t reply when you need them.”

11. This is a big one.

“Treating waiters/waitresses like shit.

It’s a pretty accurate depiction of that persons character. People who treat food service workers like shit tend to be pretty shitty people.”

12. “Brutally honest.”

“Being nonchalant or putting down somebody who excitedly tells you about their accomplishment or workor whatever.

These people claim to be “brutally honest”, but they’re just assholes.”

13. You’re not making any progress.

“Swerving between different lanes without signaling so you can get to your destination faster.

Saving you at the very best just 1-2 minutes, and 100% guaranteed to annoy people.”

14. How rude!

“Whistling to retail workers to get their attention. We have an older guy that does this and thinks it’s hilarious. I absolutely refuse to serve him and my coworker has gone off about it before.

Like seriously, we’re not your dogs. Fuck off.”

15. No dick pics, please.

“Sending dick pics not asked for.

If only we could automatically know their mother’s numbers so we could show them “this is what your idiot son is doing”.”

I just love finding common ground with people, don’t you?

What do you think about this?

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