These Tiny Flying Squirrels Only Live on One Island in Japan, and Frankly It’s Not Fair

Photo Credit: Diply

For city dwellers in the US, squirrels are mostly just “those furry animals that try to intimidate you into giving them your pizza.” They’re a short step up from mice and rats. But when you think about it, squirrels are actually pretty dang adorable, and perhaps none are cuter than these rare tiny squirrels that live only on one island in Japan.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @jmcaninch68

Animal lovers, meet the Ezo momonga, aka the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel. A few quick facts: They are extremely small, with very big eyes. They can fly-ish (!!!). And they only live on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido because of course they do.

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever see a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel for yourself, unless you happen to live in Hokkaido. Luckily, though, there are a ton of squeal-worthy pictures online.

Photo Credit: Diply

These creatures are small enough to curl up into the palm of your hand, and they “fly” basically by gliding from tree to tree. They munch on tree bark, seeds, and nuts, and they often hang upside down while doing so.

Ezo momonga inhabit the holes in pine and spruce trees. Sometimes they poke their heads out like this, just to make your day better, I guess!!!

Photo Credit: Diply

Unlike many other rare animals, Japanese dwarf flying squirrels are not endangered in the slightest. They are doing very well – thriving, even. Seeing as there are apparently plenty to go around… Maybe we can just trade some of our terrible American squirrels for these freaking adorable ones?