These 15 Tweets Show Us All That the Dating World Is Rough

©Unsplash,Monica Smith

There are no two ways about it: dating can really be a drag. Especially these days with all the dating apps and the pressure to find the right person.

And once you do commit to a date, you never know who you’ll be dealing with for the evening. There are a lot of weirdos out there…

Let’s hear some dating stories that might make you get rid of your Tinder app once and for all.

1. That wasn’t nice.

2. Was he impressed?

3. That’s a power move in my book.

4. They sound like a solid group of fellas.

5. Joke’s on you.

6. Trying to seal the deal.

7. Date = Over.

8. I don’t know…

9. He was a gem.

10. Thanks for letting me know.

11. Just trying to relate.

12. Not even mad.

13. How do you even get that pronunciation?

14. Are you still an idiot?

15. Okay, that’s really bad.

Ugh, those tweets definitely brought back some painful memories for me…

How about you? Have you had a hard time in the dating world?

Open up to us in the comments. We’re here for you!