They Ate Something Their Co-Worker Is Highly Allergic to in Front of Them. Did They Act Like a Jerk?

I understand that food allergies are no joke but do some folks take it too far sometimes?

Well, that’s the big question in this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

Read on to see if this person is indeed acting like an a**hole toward their co-worker.

AITA for eating something my coworker is d**thly allergic to?

“There’s a woman in my office who is anaphylactic to eggs.

We’ve been asked at work to refrain from bringing eggs, egg cartons, egg products etc into the office as it can trigger a reaction. We’ve also been asked to refrain from eating eggs on the days we’re at the office with her – this means on lunch break (if we happen to go out of office for lunch) but also prior to coming in to the office too (ie breakfast).

I’m more than happy to comply with refraining from consuming eggs at work or in work hours as I know how terrible such a trigger would be for her.

However, I eat eggs as part of my breakfast nearly every morning. So after I eat breakfast, I take a shower, brush my teeth and then get ready for work.

Another coworker of mine (not the one with the allergy) found out about it and called me an AH and said I’m putting our coworker in danger. I explained everything I do to mitigate the risks but she wouldn’t hear any of it.

So, AITA?”

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This person said they’re NTA and this sounds totally unreasonable.

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Another individual brought up a good point about the co-worker…

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And this Reddit user asked how the co-worker is able to do things like go to the grocery store…hmmm….

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