They Know All of Your Business, and 8 Other Secrets Wedding Planners Keep

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Weddings are such a fun and magical time for most people who are involved, and I’ve got to think that wedding planners do what they do because they love love, and there will always be people getting married.

If you’ve seen the movie The Wedding Planner (you have, right?), then you probably suspect that part of the job is “handling” tough members of the wedding party in order to help that big day go exactly right.

They’ve got more secrets than that, though, so read on to find out what they are!

9. The job is a minefield of divas.

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It’s not just the bride, either. Guests can come with odd requests, like needing a carseat for the bus ride to the reception, or the more general overbearing mother-in-law or a band who thinks they’re some kind of rock stars.

Whatever it takes to make the day all about the happy couple is what they do.

8. They don’t get to enjoy the party.

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If you think their “reward” for getting through the ceremony and the beginning of the reception is to kick off their shoes and dance with everyone else, you’re wrong.

They’re on high alert, watching for potential trouble until the cleanup crew arrives.

7. Bustles and sparklers are the worst part of their day.

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There are plenty of things that can blow up someone’s wedding day, but sparklers can actually, you know, blow up.

And wedding planners hand hundreds of them to drunk party guess for a big sendoff!

The other thing is the bustle – the wedding planner has the most experience with wedding dresses, and so they’re often called on to pin up the dress. Gulp!

6. Pinterest is their WebMD.

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If you tell your wedding planner that you’ve been working on a Pinterest inspo board for your wedding for half of your life, they’re going to cringe.

Some even charge a “pain in the a$s fee” if you want to DIY anything you’ve pinned.

5. Groomsmen can be ugh.

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There’s booze and there are dudebros for days – it shouldn’t surprise anyone that wedding planners deal with getting hit on by groomsmen on a regular basis.

4. Bridesmaids are a pain in their butt.

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Bridesmaids are jealous, or uninterested, or they drink too much or sneak off with a groomsmen…wedding planner spend a good portion of women’s big days tracking down the bridesmaids and shoving them back into line.

3. You can’t haggle them down.

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If you think they’re getting a great deal because they get to eat your cake and drink some champagne, think again.

They spend a LOT of hours planning behind a desk, and it’s not something they do “just for fun.”

It’s a job, pay their fee.

2. They know the bride and groom’s secrets.

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If the bride is secretly pregnant, the planner gets them special drinks. If someone is sick, they won’t tell.

It’s none of their business, but they might need to be informed to keep the day running as smoothly as possible.

1. And a few more, to boot.

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If anyone in the wedding party is hooking up, if the parents are going through a rocky divorce, if someone has a drinking problem – they see it all.

I don’t think this is the job for me, but it sure is interesting!

If you’re a wedding planner or know someone who is, weigh in on these secrets (or more!) in the comments!