They Ordered a Drink That Wasn’t on the Menu. Did They Act Like a Jerk?

In case you didn’t know, there are A LOT of rules to bar etiquette.

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But did this person act like an a**hole when they ordered a drink from a bartender that wasn’t on the menu?

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AITA for ordering off the menu?

“My friend took me to a bar she likes and I “embarrassed” her. I looked at the menu and saw nothing I liked. She ordered and when the bartender turned to me I asked for a whiskey sour. The bartender had no further questions.

My friend looked at the menu and asked where what I ordered was. I said it was a basic drink, like an old-fashioned or a Tom Collins. All bartenders know how to make them.

She said that was very rude, to not order something on the menu and ask for something special. I said it wasn’t special because there are basic drinks every bartender in the world can make that all bars have the ingredients for. She said my behavior was “mortifying.”

Which of us was right? (Bartender made my drink correctly, so obviously knew how to make one.)”

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One reader said they’re NTA and that this wasn’t a very rare drink.

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And this Reddit user agreed and said this wasn’t an exotic drink that would take a long time to make.

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Another individual said the bartender was probably happy he didn’t have to make a ridiculously complicated cocktail.

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