They’re Not Supposed to Grow Beards, and 5 Other Secrets of UPS Drivers

Not just the trucks, but behind-the-scenes of the whole company!

Now more than ever, we appreciate the people who work hard to deliver our food, packages, medicine, and anything else we could imagine having land at our doorstep within days (or even hours). But what goes into becoming a UPS driver? What are their days like? What’s it like inside the truck?

If you’re curious, keep reading!

6. Tips are welcome.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Some drivers get cash, but they also regularly get things like wine or food, or really random things specific to what they need, or the profession of someone on their route.

Whatever it is, they appreciate it!

5. Seniority pays off.

Image Credit: JasonVogel

The longer you’ve been with the company, the better your route – tenured drivers can actually bid on the most desirable ones.

The best ones? Rural routes where there’s lots of drive time, but not a whole lot of stops.

4. They make decent money.

Drivers make an average of $30 an hour, and are members of the Teamsters union. If you make a career out of it, you’ll likely make clear of $75k/year by the time you retire.

3. They know you.

Image Credit: Mr.choppers

One former driver confirms.

“UPS drivers see a lot. We make instant judgments about you. We see if you have a maid. We know what kind of food you’re cooking, or if you have a dog. We know if you have orgies at your house. We can tell when someone’s getting a divorce.”

2. Facial hair is frowned upon.

Image Credit: Graham Richardson

Mustaches are permitted, but they’re not supposed to grow below the corners of the mouth, men’s hair must stop short of the collar, and yeah, beards are verboten.

1. They get hit on.

Image Credit: Atomic Taco

One former driver says “there will always be someone on your route who is interested in pursuing a sexual relationship with you. The male drivers have stories about women who come to the door dressed in a negligee, and the women experience the same with the opposite sex. It happened to me twice.”

Huh. And they say it only happens in the pictures.

Well, my curiosity is sated.

Tell us in the comments how you make your delivery drivers feel appreciated – I need ideas!