Thief at Gym Gets Served a Piping Cold Plate of Revenge

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So maybe we should turn the other cheek, but people who steal other people’s stuff sometimes need a lesson in civility.

Having something stolen from you when you’re only going about your business is the most aggravating experience. If it’s ever happened to you, then you know how frustrating it is of rarely getting an opportunity to do anything about it.

But this story posted in the subreddit r/pettyrevenge, titled “A poor thieving technique in the gym locker room backfires,” will make you wiggle in glee as a thief at a gym got exactly what he deserved.

It all starts when a guy gets to the gym and makes a careless mistake.

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He finds his expensive Beats headphones have gone missing during his workout.

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He finds them in someone else’s bag.

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He gets a pure evil-genius idea.

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Brilliant. But, someone made a good point.

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The OP updated the story.

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The thief is the one who should be looking over his shoulder. He’s the one that did the wrong thing. But something tells me he’ll think twice before taking someone’s personal property again.

You get what you give!