Watch Divers Encounter A Giant Squid Off The Japanese Coast

Space might officially be the last frontier, but any scientists worth their salt will tell you that there are plenty of mysteries that remain right here on Earth – most of them deep under the ocean.

We have no idea what might actually be down there, and even when it comes to things like this giant squid, which we’ve seen before, it’s like a mystery rising from the deep every time we encounter one.

These Japanese divers were both thrilled and stunned to see one in person (though I think I would have also been a little bit scared).

The rare footage was captured by divers Yosuke and Miki Tanaka off the coast of Japan, and the squid was actually swimming near the surface of the water.

Yosuke described the experience for Newsweek.

“I was so excited. And I felt terrified because it had very thick arms – if I was caught, I would not be able to escape.”

Most of the information we know currently about the giant squid (Architeuthis dux) comes from dead specimens that have washed ashore, and since they’re often incomplete, scientists have a lot of unanswered questions.

This squid was relatively small, measuring just around 8 feet long. The longest one ever recovered measured was 43 feet in length.

Image Credit: Flickr

It was also missing pieces of skin and was moving slowly. This, added to the fact that it was near the surface as opposed to its normal depths of over a thousand feet, seem to suggest it, too, was injured or dying.

“I have heard not a lot is known about this creature. I’d be happy if this helps us learn more.”

Giant squid have eight arms and two tentacles, which they use for movement and also to capture prey, which consists largely of fish, shrimp, and even other squid. There’s also some evidence to suggest the might eat small whales, as well.

They have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, measuring up to 11 inches across, which is thought to assist them in seeing well in the darkness of the dee, deep ocean.

Image Credit: YouTube

A super cool find, despite the state of the poor creature.

Still, if you’re a human, this is probably a safer way to study a giant squid that diving into the depths – though I’m sure we’ll never fully understand them until we can observe them in their own environment.