This 230-Foot Organ Uses the Ocean to Create Haunting Music

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These days it might seem like the ocean and human beings have nothing in common, but this 230-foot sea organ in Croatia proves that if we work together with the elements, there’s still beauty to be found.


The organ uses the energy of both the wind and the waters of the Adriatic sea to create random, soothing, and amazingly harmonized notes. It’s a vast improvement on the ugly, long concrete shoreline that ran the length of Croatia’s shore previously. WWII devastated the country, and the reconstruction of Zadar was quick, pragmatic, and uninspired.

The sea-organ is called a “morske orgulje” in Croatian. It was designed, by a native architect named Nikola Basic and has been open to an adoring public since 2005.

The organ has holes at the bottom of the steps, and the water and wind that enter there are channeled into resonating chambers. From there, the sound exits through holes along the highest steps.


Locals love the installment, and often enjoy their lunches there along with the tourists who want to see the harmony between human and sea for themselves.

I imagine there’s something about staring out at the waves, soaking up some much needed fresh air and sunshine, and listening to the sound of what could still be, should people everywhere have the good sense to listen to the world we live in before its too late.

Take a listen…

Or maybe they just like the sound and the water and it’s a nice spot where people don’t talk too much.

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