This 96-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Is the Lead Singer for a Death Metal Band


Yes, you read that headline correctly…and it might just be the best headline you ever see in your life.

Inge Ginsberg is many things: a Jew, a grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, and, as of three years ago, the lead singer of a death metal band called Inge and the Tritone Kings.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Ginsberg was born to a well-to-do Jewish family in 1922 in Austria. When the Nazis began to dominate, her father fled to England, but it wasn’t until 1942 that her mother manage to pay for the rest of the family’s safe passage to Switzerland with a cache of jewels.

After World War II ended, Ginsberg and her husband moved to the U.S. and settled in Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ginsberg and her husband, who worked as a composer for well-known musicians, eventually split up, and she left Los Angeles, disenchanted by the fakeness of the entertainment industry.

And then – 50 years later, at the age of 93 – Ginsberg became the singer for death metal band Inge and the Tritone Kings. The band plays music over the poetry that Ginsberg writes in English and German.

Photo Credit: YouTube

According to Inge, “I can’t sing. I can’t carry a tune. So heavy metal works because I just have to say the words.”

Makes perfect sense, if you ask me.

Check out Inge and the Tritone Kings in action in the video below.

My new favorite band!