This Adorable Fox Laughs Just Like a Human

Photo Credit: Pixabay

It’s not every day you hear about someone keeping a pet fox. But have you ever, ever heard of a fox who laughs?

Prepare to be blown away by this video of Finnegan, a fox who literally sounds like he’s laughing like a human.

Whenever his caretaker scratches his belly or rubs his neck, Finnegan lets out an adorable “Hehehehe.”

I just dare you not to smile watching this:

Finnegan is being taken care of by the organization Save a Fox, which rescues fox from fur farms and other situations. They also take in pet foxes that were surrendered or found lost.

According to the organization,

“Our goal is to adopt all the foxes out we rescue. The ones who don’t get adopted we try to find sponsors for.

Some foxes I rescue tend to be more wild by nature; those are the foxes I would choose not to adopt out.”

You learn more about the organization by watching this informative video:

If you’re really interested in learning more about what they do, you can even take a virtual tour of the entire facility, which is pretty cool.

I mean, check out these pretty babies!

And if you just didn’t get enough of adorable Finnegan’s laughter, there’s another whole video showing him playing with his friends.

LOL! So fun!

OK, now those are some seriously adorable foxes. This is a YouTube rabbit hole (no pun intended) that I am more than happy to go down.

Does your pet have any human characteristics that make you laugh or warm your heart? We’d love to hear about them!

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