This Amazing Book Arch Took One Month to Finish!

Sandman Books is a small independent bookstore with a creative owner/manager! The store gets a lot of books they can’t use or sell.

The owner told Bored Panda:

“I own an independent bookstore and receive lots of books that are simply at the end of their lives.

Old investment books from before the financial crash, books with cracked binding, or missing pages start to pile up in the corner.

So, I decided to be creative and upcycle these books into something fun.”

You can check out the results in the photos below.

Here’s a view of how it works, with some awesome books in the foreground as well.

The arch adds a lovely sense of regality to the store.

Just check out this reading nook!

With all of the different book sizes to take into account, you can tell the store’s owner and staff took great care in selecting their sources!

But Sandman Books also had other secrets lurking within.

Clearly, patrons, guests, and other visitors enjoy the book arch!

The store also keeps a fire extinguisher. This keeps the books and patrons safe in case of a calamity.

Here’s a look from down below. It looks absolutely stunning.

Here’s a peek of what it looked like before the books were placed in their spots.

Independent bookstores always offer great things to the public.

For those who can’t visit the store in person, they ship and sell books online!

What do you think of this project? Share your opinion below!