American Woman Finds A Lump, Has Simple Experience with Icelandic Healthcare Compared To The US

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We have the best health care ever invented! Of all time! Can’t be touched!

We hear that a lot in the U.S. from politicians and pundits, even though most of us know it’s total BS.

I think most people know that A WHOLE LOT of other countries on the planet have much better health care than Americans do – plus, overseas it’s CHEAP. But that’s not what politicians and insurance companies want you to hear.

A woman named Mary Robinette Kowal shared her health care experience in Iceland, and her tweets went viral. I think that this will be very eye-opening for a lot of you. It sure was for me.

Let’s take a look at Kowal’s Twitter thread.

3 dollars…

Kowal offered a little clarification about an earlier tweet.

We get your point, Ms. Kowal. Something to think about…

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