This Amputee Cosplayer Attached a Lightsaber to Her Arm and Became the Perfect Jedi


Cosplay is awesome when people really commit to it, and no one can accuse actress Angel Giuffria and her friend Trace Wilson of not going all out with their costumes for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

The two, who both have amputated arms, created and attached lightsaber attachments that took their Jedi and Sith costumes above and beyond when it came to coolness factor.


She wrote:

“I am absolutely loving wearing my lightsaber attachment for my bionic arm – while trying to safely keep my fingers crossed for an audition for @starwars one day. Wouldn’t it be a cool addition to have actual amputees in the film series since there’s so many amputee characters! I’ve been told I look like #CarrieFisher a few times in my life and told I look like #LukeSkywalker a few times, too (arms not face I’m assuming?). Here’s me embracing both sides!”



People loved her comments and her costume – including Mark Hamill, the actor who behind Luke Skywalker himself!

“Look no further than inspirational #BionicActress @aannggeellll for the next generation of @starwars heroes – Clearly you believe in yourself. Now all you’ve got to do is work hard, never give up & ANYTHING’S possible! (The Force is obviously with you…) #FutureJedi

I have to agree with Luke on this one – I expect to see Angel on the big screen one day, with or without her light saber attachments!