This Animal Looks Like a Child’s Drawing Come to Life, and I’m in Love


When you think of derpy, dorky-looking animals, not a lot of snakes probably come to mind. Snakes, in general, inspire fear, trepidation, or, at the very least, the desire to get the heck out of Dodge.

This snake? You’re going to want to look twice.

And then again.

Because it looks like a child drew a sock-puppet noodle, complete with googly eyes.


It’s the Arabian Sand Boa, a species that lives on the Arabian Peninsula and is harmless to humans (but not to small reptiles).

It lives in a variety of environments, from forests to mountains to desert, and can thrive in a wide range of temperatures. They eat small lizards and geckos – anything they can catch and eat quickly, since, hilariously, they’re also pretty lazy.


Though they are boa constrictors, they lay eggs, which sets them apart from most of their species. They also spend most of their day buried in the sand, emerging at dusk to hunt and, presumably, make sure their eyes are glued in place.


Nature, man. Who knew she was an eight-year-old with a fully stocked craft room?