This Artisanal Gin Is Made With Elephant Dung

There’s no doubt about it: Gin is delicious. It’s cool, refreshing and has hints of lots of yummy botanicals.

Keep that picture of gin in your mind’s eye. Now picture yourself drinking made from elephant poop.


Well, that certainly took a weird turn!

One couple in South Africa is bottling gin that has been infused with elephant dung, and people who have tried it actually say it’s pretty tasty.

For now, you can buy this gin — called Indlovu Gin — in liquor stores and restaurants in Europe and South Africa.


Why would anyone want to infuse gin with poop? Well, apparently, only 30 percent of an elephant’s food is fully digested. When they poop, they’re basically plunking down a pile of undigested flowers, leaves, bark, fruits, nuts and other staples of their diet. And those things, my friends, help make delicious gin.

The owners were initially inspired when they watched elephants, well, doing their business at Botlierskop Game Reserve.

Don’t worry, the poop piles — which are harvested by hand, mind you — go through a rigorous cleaning and sanitation process before they’re infused into the gin.

They’re washed, dried, sterilized and macerated, which just leaves behind the good stuff.


Elephants produce up to 175 pounds of feces per day, so don’t worry. So if you manage to find a bottle somewhere, and you fall in love with this gin, you won’t have to worry about it running out anytime soon.


Would you ever consider eating or drinking something made from animal feces? Why or why not?

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