This Artist Turns Tom and Jerry’s Hilarious Moments Into Sculptures and They Are Great


I am a Tom and Jerry fanatic, so I’m very excited about this guy’s work. Taku Inoue is a Japanese artist who takes moments of Tom’s failure from the iconic cartoon and turns them into cool little sculptures.

Poor Tom…he just can’t catch a break, can he?

Let’s look at Inoue’s great work!

1. Look out!

2. I’m sure you’ve seen this image before.

3. The old ‘iron to the face’ gag.

4. Jerry was hungry.

5. Nose dive.

6. Complete with whiskers.

7. Down in the ground.

8. Tom being sneaky.

9. Stop short!

10. Right under the door.

11. Moving like a worm.

12. Absolutely iconic.

13. Twisted every which way.

14. Even the expression is perfect.

15. Like I said…Tom just can’t catch a break.

Are you a Tom and Jerry fan like me?

What do you think of this guy’s work? Let us know in the comments, please!