This Artist Turns Vintage Photos into Pop Culture Heroes


Let me say straight off the bat: these illustrations (and the original images as well) are wonderful.

Alex Gross is an artist who finds beautiful vintage photos and then puts his own spin on them by transforming the people into pop culture icons from modern times.

The results are great! See for yourself.

1. Vader and kids

2. C3PO

3. Kid heroes

4. I dream of…

5. Singing star

6. Uncanny

7. Aqua

8. Deadly

9. Wolverine

10. Black Panther

11. Coneheads!

12. Bruce Wayne

13. Look at that

14. Gort

15. The north remembers

16. Peter Parker

17. Spot on

18. More Star Wars

19. Saruman

20. Beetlejuice

These are really amazing!