This Boss Tried to Fire an Employee for Missing Work While Her Son Was on Life Support

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File this story under: Heartless Humans. A story went viral recently and not for a good reason. In fact, the story grew so quickly because it’s completely despicable. After a woman named Crystal Reynolds Fisher shared her encounter with her boss at a gas station in Michigan, people were shocked at how heartless her manager was.

What happened was this: Fisher’s son is on life support, and she informed her boss she wouldn’t be coming into work – like any person would in that circumstance. Take a look at the text exchange.

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And her boss had the audacity to say she would be at work if her own child was on life support.

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Pretty unbelievable. After the story went viral, PS Food Mart, the gas station where Fisher works, came out with a statement about the situation.

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So it looks like Ms. Fisher still has a job and the manager was shown the door (for good reason). It’s nice to see the bigwigs at the company stepped in and did the right thing.