As a kid, did you ever think using giant LEGO bricks to build houses and stuff would be cool? Well, people driving through the Wuppertal, Germany, are living the dream.

Sort of.

A few years ago, the city commissioned German street artist Martin Heuwold of MegX to turn one of its concrete (and thus dull) overpasses into a work of art. And what he did was a stroke of genius – he transformed the train overpass to look like it’s been made out of giant, colorful LEGO pieces.

The city did have to cordon off the overpass from traffic while MegX worked, but just imagine everyone’s surprise when after the barriers came down, and they could drive under a bridge of LEGOs!

To be clear, though the result looks like mega pieces of LEGO, but is actually entirely paint.

The idea came from his two daughters, who loved playing with LEGOs. He approached The LEGO Group for permission (copyright is so pesky), which, of course, they gave gladly. Then, for the next few weeks, he and his crew painted and shaded the 2,700 square-foot bridge to create the incredibly realistic display.

It’s called the Lego-Brücke, which means Lego Bridge. In 2012, the structure was awarded the Deutscher Fassadenpreis Advancement Prize.

To see all the images of the Lego Bridge, both completed and while in progress, visit the artist on his Instagram page. He has all sorts of wild and colorful projects there to check out.

Seems as if MegX is on a mission to take the dull and utilitarian and transform it into something mega-delightful.