This Café in South Korea Will Make You Feel like You Walked into a Cartoon


If you find yourself in Seoul, South Korea for any reason, a place called Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 (the address of the business) should be on your list.

The café is designed to make visitors feel like they have walked straight into a cartoon. The inspiration comes from a hit Korean TV show called “W – Two Worlds”.

Scroll through these pics to enter a whole new world.

1. Sit right down

2. It really does look like a cartoon

3. Fake?

4. Impressive that they pulled it off

5. Check out the floor

6. Optical illusions

7. Do they work?

8. The brick makes it look even stranger

9. Would be a good tourist spot

10. I’m curious about the drinks…

11. The booth

12. Menu board

13. Cartoon world

14. Look at that!

15. The floors are great

Wow! Pretty impressive!