This Chef Lost His Restaurant After Getting Caught Reusing People’s Uneaten Soup

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Most people love going out to eat. Someone else cooks delicious food made from groceries you didn’t have to buy, they wait on you, and you don’t have to clean up the kitchen after it’s over. Most people are also aware that kitchens are not always the paragons of cleanliness and food safety that we would like to think they are.

That said, most restaurants try, at least. Not like this guy, who re-served people’s leftover soup. And okay, he said he thought it was hot enough to kill any germs, but I’m not buying it.

The story begins when a man inherits a family restaurant famous for its soup stock – a family recipe that was always created with care back when his father owned the place.

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Not only that, but everyone loved the OG owner.

He was a good man and no one wanted to see his legacy ruined by a n’er do well kid.

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They all knew he was a loser, but as for the parents, they couldn’t cast him out.

I’m sure they were waiting for him to grow up and come around.

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Not following the heart of their noodle soup recipe and perverting the process was one thing, but throwing customer leftovers back in the pot? It was a step too far.

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Finally, this guy couldn’t take it anymore and quit.

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I, too, hope that he learned his lesson and made something of his life.

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He probably didn’t, though.

Here’s hoping that at least he didn’t open another restaurant.

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