This Completely Clear Jigsaw Puzzle Will Really Test Your Patience

Photo Credit: Little Flower Pot Shop

Jigsaw puzzles are the latest low-tech hobby to make a comeback, alongside adult coloring books and board games.

But with jigsaw puzzles, there’s always a thin line between fun and frustrating. If the puzzle has too many pieces or the picture is too dark, for instance, it’s easy to get discouraged and call it quits for the night.

But a new jigsaw puzzle from Etsy seller Little Flower Pot Shop really ups the ante. This puzzle is completely transparent, with no colors, no picture on the box to reference and, as you might have guessed, no easy solution.

Even worse? Since there are no defining characteristics on any of the pieces, you won’t even be able to tell which side of the puzzle faces up and which side faces down, essentially giving you twice the number of possibilities.

If you dare to attempt this puzzle, you’ll be able to choose from four difficulty levels.

The easiest level features nine pieces and takes adults about five minutes to solve, on average.

The pieces get progressively smaller as the puzzles become more difficult — the next level features 25 pieces, followed by an even more challenging puzzle with 49 pieces.

Think you’re a real puzzle master? The most difficult puzzle features 144 pieces.

No matter which puzzle you decide to attempt, you should know there is only one correct solution to each puzzle and there are no repeated pieces.

You’ll need to muster up all your patience if you plan to finish these.

Is anyone ballsy enough to actually order these puzzles? As it turns out, yes.

A few adventurous people have tried their luck, like this brave soul:

What do you think? Are you game to try a puzzle this difficult?

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