This Couple Built a Miniature Old Western Town for Their Backyard Chickens

Photo Credit: Pexels

Not only are backyard chickens great pets, but they also serve the handy function of producing daily eggs during their prime laying years. This means fewer trips to the store for you and your family.

One couple decided to show his appreciation for his backyard chickens in a totally unique and special way. He built them an entire miniature town out of their coops, and it’s made to look like the set of an old Western movie.

Here’s the hotel, cafe and mercantile:

And just look at the level of detail in the cafe window (although we wonder how the chickens would feel if they could read):

Here’s the saloon:

There’s even a little jail! Poor chickens:

Even the chicken’s watering station is decked out:

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look inside one of the coops:

The blacksmith’s shop serves as the chickens actual feeding area:

This level of creativity and commitment is truly admirable. These chicken owners truly went all-in for their feathered friends! We’re sure they appreciate all this hard work and are happily pecking away and laying eggs accordingly.

Would you ever consider keeping backyard chickens? Do you already have chickens? Why or why not?

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