This Crocheted Baby Yoda Coffee Cozy Is Absolutely Delightful

Photo Credit: Etsy

The Mandalorian, the pseudo comedy-western-adventure Star Wars TV show released in November on Disney Plus, keeps changing our lives in meaningful ways.

We’re obviously talking about Baby Yoda here. And we’re especially talking about all the Baby Yoda inspired merchandise available.

The latest is this adorable crocheted Baby Yoda Coffee Cozy, designed by Jacqueline Hernandez for the Etsy store Elena Monroe Boutique.

Photo Credit: Etsy

He may officially be “The Child,” but to us he will always be Baby Yoda.

And with his big ears, button eyes and sweet smile, this Baby Yoda cozy will keep your coffee – as well as your heart – warm and snug.

Photo Credit: Disney

Plus, the cozy is stretchy enough to fit any size of cup from your favorite coffee shop.

But lest you think you have no other options, this is not the only Baby Yoda inspired cozy available – not by a long shot.

Other shops have their own versions, and some will even sell you the pattern so you can make one on your own.

Photo Credit: Etsy

But whether it’s handmade or bought complete with expressive button eyes, you know you need one to keep your hot beverage (or cup of soup) toasty when you sit in the theater to see the latest in the Star Wars saga or snuggle in front of your television for episodes of The Mandalorian.

You do watch it the day it posts, right? So cute, is he.

Would you crochet one of these? Do you crochet?

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