This Deep-Sea Fisherman’s Instagram Is Full of Haunting Photos of Unusual Fish

Photo Credit: Pexels

Even if you’re squeamish about touching fish, I think we can all agree there’s something oddly beautiful and mysterious about these swimming creatures. Setting aside their colorful scales, they’re also just fun to watch as they effortlessly power themselves through the water.

Deep-sea fisherman Roman Fedortsov also loves fish (they’re his livelihood, so it makes sense), so much so that he created an Instagram account dedicated to sharing photos of the fascinating and often otherworldly fish he encounters on a daily basis. Some of them are beautiful, while others might crack you up. Some are downright weird-looking.

Like this smiley boy:

And this toothy fella:


Imagine this thing staring back at you underwater. No, seriously… imagine it right now. Look DEEPLY into his eyes.


OK, now I’m kinda scared. How about you? Are you scared?

No? What’s wrong with you?!


I mean seriously, it’s crazy that this thing is related to your goldfish:


He looks kinda pissed to be out of the water, don’t you think?

I mean, these fish are probably dead, so…


And what the heck is this? Is that a turtle with a moss mohawk? Because it looks like a turtle with a moss mohawk.


If you’ve got a few hours to spare, his Instagram is a great place to get lost. It’s very entertaining, so long as you’ve got the stomach for seeing all these kinda funky fish.

What’s your favorite type of fish? Did you have any as pets growing up? Share your stories with us!

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