Guy’s Twitter Thread Explains Why Season 8 Of ‘Game of Thrones’ Feels Different & It Makes So Much Sense

Photo Credit: HBO

Game of Thrones fans are still trying to figure out why the last season was so…different. Some say it went too fast. Why not stretch it out over ten episodes rather than six? Or did they not have the right budget to expand the story for a justified ending?

No matter the theories, we may never know. But Twitter user Daniel Silvermint thinks he has it all figured out as to why this season was different than the rest.

Could it be the “behind the scenes process”? Too many cooks in the medieval kitchen? Silvermint begins with a little 101 on writing processes as a whole.

Ok…plotters and pantsers. Completely understand – but can’t they work together?

This is a true statement, BTW. It’s incredible how these two approaches to writing can differ so much in product. Neither is wrong, they’re just…different.

What else, Daniel?

Got it, Daniel. What does this have to do with GoT?

So this is George R.R. Martin’s fault. Finish the books, man! JK – continue reading…

But, it still made for an EPIC story, Daniel. Wouldn’t you agree?

I’m picking up what you’re laying down, Daniel. We all understand the series continued well past the books. But that was seasons ago. And seasons 6 and 7 were good!

So where did it fall apart?


That’s a recipe for disaster and can paint a writer in a corner…

Makes sense but it could be done over more than 13 episodes, IMO.

As a fan, do you agree with this?

Cheers to that!

In general, Daniel hit the nail…

On the head.

Even though there was, according to fans, a disconnect from prior seasons, the creators/writers did tie up most loose ends as well as leave some openings.

Did someone say “Spin-off”?

This interesting set of data explains a lot…