This Dutch Artist Is Photoshopping Film Actors Next to Their Iconic Roles

Image Credit:Ard Gelinck

There are some actors who play so many roles so well that it’s impossible to link them to just one performance. Other actors are so inextricably linked to a single, iconic role that it’s hard to ever separate them in our minds – not that we would want to.

Dutch artist Ard Gelinck is a master with Photoshop and fantastic with edits. We just love these 16 actors standing arm-in-arm (or shoulder-to-shoulder) with their best-known characters.

16. Julia Roberts has been great in a lot of movies.

It all began with Vivian Ward, though.


15. George Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross.

This is a much-appreciated blast from the past.


14. If you never saw Kate Winslet again, you still know her as Rose Dawson.

The women who wouldn’t share a door with the man the loved.


13. Ahhh, Dyan McKay, how we all swooned.

And you know, Luke Perry aged pretty well, too.


12. Jennifer Aniston is great in Morning Show.

But to so many people, she’ll always be Rachel Green.

Image Credit: Ard Gelinck

11. Dirk Benedict as Templeton Peck.

There’s a throwback for y’all.


10. Not his most famous role, but his first.

His face hasn’t changed one bit since starring on Growing Pains.


9. Joaquin Phoenix and the Joker.

Those empty eyes. *shudder*


8. Was his most famous role as a singer in NSYNC?

Or do you remember Justin from The Mickey Mouse Club before that?


7. Drew Barrymore, E.T. and little Gertie.

So much to love in one image.


6. Oh, Frodo.

Elijah Wood’s eyes brought you to life.


5. Michael J. Fox and Marty McFly.

Honestly he’s barely changed.


4. The adorable twins who played the adorable Michelle Tanner.

That’s from Full House, for you youngun’s.


3. Molly Ringwald as Claire (The Breakfast Club).

Was it her MOST iconic role? You decide!


2. Heath Ledger as the Joker.

In case you wanted to cry today.


1. Who was more famous, Tom or Forrest?

It’s a question for the ages.


BONUS, because this 80’s girl can’t enough of Ralph Macchio.

Let’s all swoon together, shall we?


These are giving me some feels, y’all.

Which of these actors will always be that iconic character for you? Tell us in the comments!