This Earthquake-Proof Bed Looks More Like a Steel Venus Fly Trap Coffin

Photo Credit: Pexels

At first glance, this tech-savvy bed looks absolutely terrifying. It allows the sleeping person to fall inside, and then seals them up tight in a steel box – in other words, it’s basically a coffin.

However, when you consider that this invention can apparently save you from an earthquake without you having to leave your bed, it seems pretty neat.

Russian inventor Dahir Insaat came up with the design for the earthquake-proof bed. It looks and behaves like a regular bed until it detects an earthquake. At that point, the bed basically swallows you whole. Then a metal roof shuts over the top.

Photo Credit: Dahir Insaat / Yahoo

The bed seems perfect for the worst-case scenario: a deadly earthquake suddenly hits right when you’re sleeping and your entire building collapses. However, it’s a bit overkill for pretty much every other situation ever, including milder earthquakes.

For many people, the idea of becoming unexpectedly trapped in a steel box is at least as bad as an earthquake, if not worse! Although the bed does have a section for food and water, in case you’re… in there for a while.

Photo Credit: Dahir Insaat / Yahoo

Dahir originally created the mock-up for the bed in 2015. However, every time this product hits social media, it goes viral again. If you watch the video, you’ll understand why.

Right? It’s cool, but also…kind of terrifying.