This Extremely Long and Ridiculous Glittery Straw Lets You Sip Wine Straight from the Bottle

Do you ever get impatient with pouring glass after glass of wine and wish that you could just stick a giant straw into the bottle? Yes, I thought so! Lucky for you, there is now a wine bottle-sized straw. Also, it’s pink and has glitter on it because why not!

Glitter Wine Bottle Straws are 15 inches high, which is just high enough to get every last drop from the bottom of the wine bottle. “Because let’s be honest, you’re gonna drink the whole bottle,” as per the item description.

Photo Credit: Always Fits

The straws are clearly marketed to a rather specific demographic.

They’re “millennial pink” – that light shade of pink that’s everywhere for no reason these days. They’re speckled with gold glitter. And they are reusable, making them exempt from the horrible environmental reputation of most straws.

You could buy a pack of four for $15, if they were in stock, which they’re not right now.

But you know what IS in stock? Four of these for $9.95! w00t!

Photo Credit: Always Fits

If you’re not into pink and glitter, perhaps this more utilitarian set from Amazon is more up your alley?

Come to think of it, you could probably just buy any very long straw and use it to sip from a bottle of wine. Here’s a reusable 14-inch straw made from stainless steel that one reviewer said will indeed fit into a wine bottle! It has a baffling Amazon name, which is how you know it’s *quality*.

But hey, now that you know this exists… would you buy one? Or two? Or four?

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