This Family Found Grandma’s Lost Dentures…In the Dog’s Mouth

Image Credit: Facebook

Dogs are literally the best. They make us happy, they comfort us when we’re sad, and yes, they make us laugh.

And this little dog, named Luna, went above and beyond in that last category.

She found Grandma’s missing dentures. It sounds pretty helpful, right? After all, they were missing…

Luna belongs to Anna Carolina Lima and her fiancee, who live in Brazil. They also regularly take the dog to visit Lima’s grandmother, who sometimes keeps the little pup when the two lovebirds need someone to watch her for a while.

Luna was there one day when grandma decided she needed a nap. She tucked her dentures under her pillow the way she always does so as to not lose them while she snoozes…

Which is when Luna snagged her opportunity.

And also grandma’s dentures.

Image Credit: Facebook

Grandma spent hours looking for her teeth after waking to find them gone – but when Anna returned to gather her pup, she found them basically immediately.

Image Credit: Facebook

And the pictures are truly wonderful. I mean, just look at that pup with her people teeth!

Image Credit: Facebook

Though it is a little bit gross, and though grandma may find herself needing a new set of dentures, Lima and her grandmother weren’t mad. I mean, just look at that smile!

Dogs are the best.