Art comes in many forms and mediums, from paint on canvas, to industrial sculptures. Sometimes, it seems like art has no boundaries at all.

What particularly amazes me are the artists who can see an arbitrary object and envision it as a work of art – mundane things such as sewer grates or cement walkways. French Artist CAL has made it his mission to do just that. He set out to create funny public art meant to put a smile on your face if you are fortunate to stumble across one of his designs, and he’s clearly succeeded.

CAL started his “every day” exhibits back in 2016 using sidewalk cracks, iron bars, and even garbage to display his artist niche. Check out these awesome photos!

10. Reading in bed

9. Angry trash

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Détritus en colère: panne de clopes Angry rubbish : ran out of fag ?

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8. Hungry birds

7. Beauty

6. Weigh yourself

5. Crabby shoreline

4. Where’s Waldo?

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? ( redif )

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3. Popcorn petals!

2. Ladybugs

1. Frightened leaves

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????? pick me up !!!

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CAL has the ability to make the ordinary extraordinary!