This Giant, Inflatable Game of Twister Is Just the Thing for Your Next Party

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Twister is a longtime favorite game for a reason – it gets you up and moving, it makes people laugh, and you can drink and/or flirt really well while playing it.

That’s pretty much all you need to nail it, future game-makers out there.

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Now, the makers are upping their game with a giant inflatable version sure to take your next gathering up another level or two.

Why? Well, the 15-by-15 foot inflatable is big enough for everyone to play at once. And even though the rules are the same as in regular Twister, the added challenge of re-stabilizing the game board every time someone shifts to a new dot is what makes it A LOT more fun.

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I wouldn't mind this for #Christmas! #InflatableTwister #TisTheSeason #LoveBuyingGifts

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A 1-horsepower air blower is included with your purchase of the mat and a 3-foot-tall spinning wheel that’s easy enough to see from anywhere on the surface.

What I’m saying is everything you need to have the garden party of your dreams – and your guests nightmares, probably – is waiting for you to click “Add to cart.”

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Go ahead and do it – there’s nothing like having a few glasses of wine and then climbing on a bouncy house without walls with a few of your friends.

I mean, I assume…