This Girl Thinks Her Mom Is Wrong For Not Dumping Her Cheating Dad, But Who Is The Real Jerk Here?

When you’re a kid and you have good parents who you trust, it can be a seriously shocking moment when you realize they are, in fact, just human beings like everyone else.

They make mistakes, they make decisions we don’t agree with, and sometimes they don’t want to talk to us about them, either.

This girl got quite the shock when she walked into the kitchen to find her dad canoodling another woman.

My parents have a great relationship…well that’s what I thought before what happened.

My (14F) parents usually have friends over and always tell me I’m free to have friends over. So it wasn’t a surprise when I unlocked the front door and could hear my dad and another woman in the kitchen. Since my dad usually calls my name when he hears me opening the door, I thought he probably didn’t think I was home yet.

I walked to the kitchen to greet my dad but then I saw it. He kissed the woman on the cheek, a woman that isn’t mom.

She did not confront her dad or the woman at the time.

Both of them were turned, facing away from the door so they didn’t see me. My dad proceeded to flirt with the woman until I threw my bag on the ground to get their attention.

They pulled apart and dad called out if that was me. I walked into the kitchen and greeted him and the woman then I locked myself in my room for the rest of the afternoon.

When her mother got home, though, she told her everything and expected…something to happen.

I only came out when my mom came home. I helped my mom put away her things and put her weekly flowers in a vase before turning to her and telling her what I saw.

She stayed quiet for a moment then told me that she’ll take care of it and that I shouldn’t worry about it anymore.

Nothing did happen, though, and when she lost her cool with her mother, she told OP to drop it, and then that she would discuss it with her later.

A few days go by and nothing happens. There was no fight, no arguments, no sour faces at each other, no DIVORCE. Nothing that would usually happen to cheaters in movies and stuff.

It pissed me off how my mom could continue to joke with my dad after what he did and still cook for him. Yesterday after dinner when my dad went to bed I went at her demanding to know what’s wrong with her and how she could go on living a life with dad who cheated.

She sighed and told me to drop it but I didn’t I asked her why she wasn’t getting a divorce and why she was putting up with my pos dad. She glared at me and told me to watch my tone and to not disrespect my dad.

Finally I yelled at her asking why she was defending him and she told me that she’d explain everything once I cooled down.

She talked to her brother about it, but he thinks it’s none of her business and she’s making something awkward that didn’t have to be that way.

I told my brother (17) the whole story so he could know the truth about my dad but he seemed really irritated. He told me to shut up and not tell anyone else in the family about my dad.

He said that if mom said she’d handle, she would. I told him she didn’t and that they were still acting as if it happened. He glared at me and told me to calm down and talk to mom like an adult if I wanted to act like one instead of just yelling at her.

He also called me an a$$hole for escalating the situation and making dinners awkward. I don’t think I’m the a$$hole but whatever.

She talked to her cousin, too, who said that her parents are swingers and maybe OPs are too, so nobody was breaking any rules.

I talked to my cousin about it since we’re pretty close (16F). Basically she told me two things. 1) Stop getting influenced by TikTok and Reddit??? and 2) said they’re an open relationship.

I asked how she knew for sure and she told me to give my parents time to explain this and that it took her mom a month before she finally sat her and my brother down after they caught her with a family friend.

After asking she told me this happened about 5 years ago. Never thought my aunt was like that….

Was she wrong to call her mom out? Should she just have let it go? Reddit is weighing in below!

The top comment points out that there’s probably a lot she doesn’t know about her parents, and they’re not obligated to tell her, either.

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It very well could be that her mom wasn’t mad because they had an agreement beforehand.

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This one says no one is the a$$hole here, except for how OP spoke to her mom, and as long as everyone is happy, that should be the end of it.

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This person disagrees – they think the parents are the jerks for not being more careful.

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It’s probably still going to be a thing she’ll have to deal with mentally and emotionally.

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So, no one is wrong, but no one is 100% right, either. Sounds like family dynamics if you ask me!

What do you think? Were you scarred by something like this? Are you keeping a similar secret from your kids? Let’s hash it out in the comments!