An adorable cat named Belarus has 264,000 followers on Instagram and his owner, Rachel Krall, has put the kitty’s fame to good use. She has partnered with artists to create official Belarus merchandise and the profits go to animal shelters!

Why the big fuss over Belarus? Well, the cat has a very unique look because he is cross-eyed. But Krall said it doesn’t seem to affect his vision at all.

Let’s get to know this cuddly feline who has become a social media darling with 12 adorbs Instagram posts!

1. Extreme close-up.

2. Straight-up chillin’.

3. He had to get in on this trend.

4. Time to lounge.

5. HO HO HO!

6. I need some Belarus merchandise!

7. Shark attack!

8. I’m over here.

9. A spitting image.

10. Do you like that box?

11. All kinds of treats!

12. You made the paper!

Isn’t he just delightful?

Now that we’ve gotten to know Belarus, tell us about your best kitty friend!

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