This Guy Collects Historic Images to Show That Gay Men and Women Have Always Existed, Just on the DL

Photo Credit: Facebook

A man who goes by the name Father Nathan Monk has been collecting photos of gay couples from the past in an effort to highlight the struggles those people went through in eras when same-sex lovers weren’t allowed to marry or even to be together.

Monk said:

“I found the photos online through a couple of different posts. I shared them because I think it’s important to remember those that come before us, those that fought, and struggled to live their authentic life. I believe it’s important to be reminded that LGBTQ+ have always been part of society and always will be. That reality should be lovingly accepted instead of shunned and ridiculed.”

Take a look at these interesting photos.

1. From the past…

2. In the Navy.

3. Serving their country.

4. On the front steps.

5. A discreet kiss.

6. This one looks very old.

7. In Idaho of all places.

8. Out in public.

9. Clearly in love.

10. World War II era.

11. All dressed up.

12. On the beach.

13. A great photo.

14. I wish I could get a year on this one.

15. From Russia with love.

Love is love!

And it always will be.